Engraving a wood watch, best personalized gift ever !

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Engraving a wood watch, best personalized gift ever !

We are sure you’ve already seen a friend of someone walking in the streets wearing a wooden watch or having really nice wooden shades! We’ve already talked about it in the article Wooden accessories : stylish, trendy and an eco-friendly lifestyle; Those eco-responsible accessories are not part of a trend, but a lifestyle people wants to be part of. In case you missed it, read it to understand and know a little bit more about this and adopt YOUR wooden, eco-responsible lifestyle.

But you are looking for uniqueness and this is where the wood meets your expectation. Every single wooden accessory will be different because it is a living material and is constantly changing, genes and sun exposition for example will modify the color or wood nodes. Engraving your watch could be the best gift you will ever make.

Why would you have your watch engraved?

We are sure you are always trying to find out what would be the best gift, spending hours in shopping malls trying to find it when finally, you head back home, empty handed, feeling tired and depressed to finally pick anything ‘trendy’ online or even a gift card. And comes the moment when the person you like opens this envelop and you see in her eyes that she’s disappointed because she thinks that you didn’t even try to make it special.

Engravings can transform any simple gift into a thoughtful, unique, memorable one. My Wooden Lifestyle wants to allow that personal connection to shine through and add your sentiments into a gift.

A watch engraved with your personal message is a timeless gift!


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Who could receive an engraved gift?

Engraved watches can be gifted to everybody from men to women, kids to elderly. And from an inside joke to a “I’ll love you forever”, all messages are worth to be engraved.

  • Your beloved

You would give anything to her/him and from a new relation to your 30th wedding anniversary, this unique gift will touch her/his heart. It can be a name, a sentence or just the date you want to remember eternally. Offer your other half, a unique souvenir carved from the date of your proposal !

Our best quotes: “I will love you forever 08-06-2018”️-“I will love you until the end of the time”- “We’ll always be stronger together”.

  • Your relatives

Telling your brother, sister, father or mom how much you love them have always been hard. You are not the only one feeling that way and this is why words can describe this personal connection.

Our best quotes: “My Hero”- “Dedicated And Devoted”- “Always been and will be there for you”

  • Your best friend

We usually say: Best friends are the family we choose. From funny nicknames to inside jokes, your friend will remember everything you did for each other.

Our best quotes: ”Hard to find, lucky to have”-“Best Friend for Life”-“Best Memories come from bad ideas”

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When is the best time to make that special gift ?

The truth is, a gift doesn’t have to be offered on special events, but most of them are and nobody would expect this personalized proof of love.

• Christmas and Thanksgiving to spread the love you are keeping inside

• Birthdays and Anniversaries to remember this special date.

• Career accomplishments to congratulate the person

• Corporate gifting to thank them for being such a good team

• Weddings and groomsmen/bridesmaid to have this special touch at your wedding


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How to ask for the engraving when choosing a watch?

It is quite simple. Every watch in our collections will have an ‘engraving options’ dropdown button on their page. You just need to select ‘watch & personalized engraving on the back’ and write down the message you’d like to be engraved in the text box just below the engraving options. It is a maximum of ten words, approximately 60 characters, without emojis or smileys. Watch engraving can take between 5 to 7 days to complete prior to shipment.

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  • Gram Smith

    A wooden watch: A perfect gift to offer your loved one so they could wear it all the time. I thought the wooden watches is just a watch made of wood. But after reading this blog i have realized that is a lot more then that.

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