My Wooden Lifestyle teams up with One Tree Planted

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My Wooden Lifestyle teams up with One Tree Planted

The environment is one of the biggest concerns these days. Individually, we have always been very close and respectful of nature: as soon as we have the opportunity, we flee the ambient air of the city to go to the countryside, the ocean or in the depths of the mountains; we have also became vegetarians to limit our ecological impact, we recycle, we compost, we make some of our everyday life products and we turn more and more towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

Therefore, it is really obvious to us that My Wooden Lifestyle is focused on the environment and ecofriendly as much as possible. But above all, we want to be inspiring, lead by example, show that everyone can act in the same direction to change and preserve the world. Every action counts, whether it comes from an isolated person, a group of committed people or a big company. The mistake would be to say that it is useless, that a person cannot change anything or worse, that someone else will do it for you. It is for these reasons that we are personally involved in volunteer activities such as garbage cleanup, but we have also partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization fighting global deforestation, responsible for the release of greenhouse gases in the air causing climate change, landslides, the destruction of thousands of animal and plant species homes, etc ...

For every item you buy at My Wooden Lifestyle, whether it's a watch or wooden sunglasses, we plant a tree with their teams around the world, and YOU can even choose the country you want! Also, we often add dozens trees to plant because we want to get involved and participate personally in this good cause.

Wooden world map

Here is the list of the countries you can choose:

  • North America :

    • California, US

    • Oregon, US

    • Colorado, US

    • British Colombia, CA

    • Florida, US

  • Latin America :

    • Brazil

    • Haïti

    • Guatemala

    • Bolivia

  • Asia :

    • Indonesia

    • India

    • Vietnam

  • Africa :

    • Ghana

    • Ethiopia

    • Kenya

    • Rwanda

    • Tanzania

Thanks to donations from different companies, individuals and partners, the organization planted 130,000 trees in British Columbia, CA, in July 2018 following major fires that ravaged nearly 207,000 acres of forest. In the same year, they also planted 69,000 trees in Tanzania in September, 320,000 trees in California in May and 70,000 trees in Indonesia at the end of 2017.

Orangutan Indonesia

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us where you want your tree(s) to be planted, it will be our pleasure to respect your wishes! If you want to donate by yourself, visit their website

We thank you very much for your support and help in fighting deforestation.

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