Wooden accessories : stylish, trendy and an eco-friendly lifestyle

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Wooden accessories : stylish, trendy and an eco-friendly lifestyle

Did you notice more and more people wear wooden sunglasses or wood watches nowadays? What’s the difference? Why should I buy a wood watch rather than a metallic one for example?

We live in a very modern era, constantly surrounded by many technologies of all kind: smartphones, televisions, laptops… Well, nothing very natural, isn’t it? Not to mention that we live in big cities just to make sure all these technologies are nearby. Hence our desire at My Wooden Lifestyle to reconnect with Mother Nature and help you to do the same!

Think about it: Who never wears a watch? Who never uses sunglasses? Yeah, you’ve got it. Watches and sunglasses are the kind of accessories that accompany us every day, every where. Whether we are at work, on vacation on the beach, hiking in some lost places in the middle of the forest or just playing with our children, they’re always with us, from morning till night.

Unlike ordinary watches, wood watches form a perfect balance between classic and unique, with a timeless design and a natural touch of wood.

5 reasons you're making the best choice:

  • Every wood accessory is unique.

Well yes, believe it or not, a wood watch is made of wood. It may seem obvious at first but that’s exactly what’s making it unique. In a same tree, there could be different shades of wood, different grains and different shapes. That’s why, for the same design, the same model, each watch will be different and reveal its unique nature.

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  • They are eco-friendly.

You can say the same for a very few fashion accessories. Wearing wooden accessories reflect before everything else a particular lifestyle, an eco-friendly one. All our watches and sunglasses are made by hand with natural wood. Wood is a durable, solid, recyclable and biodegradable material. Let's not forget that by buying with us, you are actively fighting against deforestation with us: for every article sold, we plant a tree.

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  • They are cool.

Ok, yes, this is a bit of an obvious one, however it is so true. You can be sure that you won’t go unnoticed with your stylish wood watch at your wrist or wearing a pair of wooden sunglasses. It will be the center of attention. Be ready to get a lot of compliments!

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  • The perfect gift : original and trendy.

Offer to your friends and family the possibility to escape from the city wearing a natural, handmade and authentic product. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, moreover, they can be engraved with a very personal message you choose.

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  • They are super fashionable.

No matter what clothes you're wearing today, you can be sure that your watch will follow you everywhere. We make a point of honour to make sure our watches are the more versatile possible. So rest assured, you won’t loose time in the morning dressing yourself making sure your watch will fit with your outfit.

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Christmas giveaway

If you are still not so sure, we are having a Christmas giveaway right now, go check our blog post to see the rules and you'll have a chance to win your engraving wood watch ! You'll see, you'll love it !

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