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With so many new technologies, today's world is constantly developing: cities are expanding and modernizing, and we are moving further away from nature. Our goal, therefore, is to work against this shift and offer you an opportunity to renew your personal contact with her by carrying an object of nature on you daily.

My Wooden Lifestyle

My Wooden Lifestyle is born from an idea of two young french people, Alexia and Denis, who immigrated in Canada in 2013. 

''We wanted to create something, something to help and make people aware of the importance of the environnement, something that would be our passion and of which we would be proud of but more than that, something that would become our lifestyle and the one of many other people. We want everyone to know what it is like and how you feel when you make the right choice for you, your planet and the next generations''.

My Wooden Lifestyle Co foundersAlexia is the one interested in fashion and ecology. She used to work in fashion stores while studying in nutrition and she loved that, helping people find themselves through clothes and fashion. Her studies made her realized the importance of ecology and sustainability as we all know agriculture has a great impact on climate change.

My Wooden Lifestyle Co foundersOn the other hand, Denis is the nature lover. No matter what time it is or the weather, he would go outside on a run, on a hike, simply to enjoy nature, forests, mountains and all the possibilities it offers. It is really important to him to just disconnect from technology as much as possible and reconnect with nature that allows us to live.

''It was then naturally that both of our personality merged into one idea : make people aware that it can be possible to live in the 21st century and be good for the environnement. It is then our wish to introduce to people a more eco responsible way of living and it goes through wearing eco responsible fashion accessories.''

Much more than just a brand, My Wooden Lifestyle wants to be just that - a lifestyle: responsible and conscious of the world around us, both for our generation and for those to come. That is why we emphasize the eco-responsible nature of our products, selected according to quality criteria and carefully designed. In this respect, we strive to keep up with current trends in order to offer you the best possible products that truly reflect you. We believe it is possible to combine fashion with a real concern for the environment.

Nature is a place of constant and timeless inspiration. As a noble material, wood has its own physical characteristics which are expressed in each of our accessories. As a result, each accessory has a different finish - making it entirely unique, just like you.

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