Corporate gifts

The corporate gift that sets you apart and plant trees.

You are looking for eco-friendly, handcrafted and personalized gifts for your employees, partners and clients? Make sure you are sending the right message with one of our premium wooden corporate gifts. Because every one of your employees is completely unique, this year give them a personalized gift (they will find you cool and you will be their favorite boss!). Plus, you will help the planet because for every gift you buy, a tree is planted in the world. Click to read more about it. 


Sunset in a forest


You can engrave all watches with a maximum of approximately 10 words and enjoy our Corporate gifts discounts. Here are some ideas for your engraving :


“To our Solutionist”
“To the Best Designer”
“It’s not over until you win”
“Best Partner Ever”




Contact us at for details on discounts & custom orders. You can also read our blog post about it where we explain the benefit for your company to offer personalized gift to your clients, associates and employees.