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Amy bracelet - Amethyst, lava and wenge wood

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LAVA CHAKRA is an elastic bracelet made with semi-precious stones.

  • Handmade in Montreal, Canada with thoroughness and love ♥
  • 8mm semi-precious stones (Lava rocks & Amethyst) and wenge wood
  • Strong, latex-free stretchy cord 

 This bracelet can be used as an essential oil diffuser : simply rub a drop of your favorite essential oil directly to any of the lava beads and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your oils all day.

⤐ This item is made from natural materials and genuine beads so it may vary slightly from the picture!

⤐ Avoid contact with water to preserve the bracelet

⤐ We use strong, latex-free cord so that it can stretch enough to get on and off your wrist. But the bracelet should not be unnecessary over-stretched in order to keep his longevity.

Amethyst properties : Crown chakra

  • Symbol of serenity and balance, sincerity, wisdom and temperance
  • Acts against stress, dissolves anxiety and calms anxiety
  • Develops memory
  • Promotes sleep
  • Done disappear negative thoughts

    Lava properties :

    • Known for its grounding qualities
    • Helps to manage our anger in order to express it and to free it
    • Helps for self-knowledge
    • Acts against negativity
    • Essential oil diffuser

        To find your size, measure your wrist and add half an inch for a comfortable fit or an inch for a loose fit.